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Who We Are

You Are Worthy Ministries is a kingdom of God equipping ministry committed to lifting up the name of Jesus. We believe in serving others in a culture of love and honor so that together we can glorify His name through all things.

What We're Doing




Our Ministry Structure

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Spiritual Accountability

Ministry Leadership

Our foundation is Jesus, according to Matthew 16:13-19.

Pillar of Ministry

Pillar of Ministry

Pillar of Ministry

Pillar of Ministry

Our ministry submits under the spiritual accountability of Mitch Clay and Proclamation Ministries.

Our ministry is led by co-founders Brent and Jennifer Smallwood, who partner with appointed pillar leaders to equip, train, and activate the body of Christ.

Our ministry equips, trains, and activates via our Four Pillars: Inner Healing and Deliverance, Mentorship, Prophetic Anointing, and Worship.

We stand on the Five Foundations of Faith: devotion to the word, devotion to prayer, sharing the gospel, expectation of miracles, and embracing suffering.

Our ministry mandates are to facilitate the Bride of Christ to be equipped and functioning in her gifts and callings, and to facilitate unity of the Spirit in the body of Christ

Ministry Mandates

Five Foundations of the Faith


You Are Worthy Ministries Giving

You Are Worthy Ministries is an offering-funded ministry dedicated to glorifying Jesus and seeking the people of God be equipped in their gifts and callings. Giving will go to maintain our ministry location where people receive ministry, teachings, workshops, and as a platform for other Kingdom-led individuals and ministries. We desire to be a blessing and not a burden to the body of Christ, so please give as the Lord directs. You Are Worthy Ministries is not a 501(c)(3) and donators will not receive a tax write off.


Thank you in advance!

If you prefer using an alternative online payment option, you can find You Are Worthy Ministries on the following platforms:




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