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Prophetic Anointing

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We train the Body of Christ to advance in excellence in various modalities of worship across a multitude of platforms through teaching, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities. Teaching can be accessed via online videos, training workshops, and classes that meet the needs of those who are new to functioning in the prophetic anointing to those who are mature in their ability to flow.

Do you desire to grow and develop in areas of worship?

You Are Worthy Ministries offers more than traditional instrumental playing and vocalist-focused worship. We are intent to train individuals within the wide expanse of worship, ranging from the visual arts to skillful playing of an instrument to composition to flagging and movement.

Do you desire to grow in functioning in prophetic worship? Are you interested in a hands-on, discipleship mentoring relationship to challenge you to go farther in your worship? Connect with us today to learn more about growing in this area.

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Want to host a prophetic training workshop?

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