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Inner Healing and Deliverance


We approach training in Inner Healing and Deliverance from a Biblical perspective with practical tools as a support. Offering practical-application one day workshops on forgiveness, practitioner training for organizations needing Spirit-led trauma-informed approaches, and in-depth classes, we offer next-step training for people at all stages of maturity and understanding. Our trainings focus on growing in understanding of both the Kingdom of God and kingdom of darkness protocols, as well as how to facilitate reconciliation of one's self and others with the Lord.

Reconciliation Ministry: A Journey Through the Principles of Healing and Deliverance

Do people seem drawn to you to share their hearts but you are unsure what to do next? Or maybe you wish to further your training and grow in your understanding of the Biblical perspective on inner healing and deliverance. If so, then this class may be a great next step!

With over 20 years of experience walking others to freedom, You Are Worthy Ministries is offering a 14-week class, Reconciliation Ministry: A Journey Through the Principles of Healing and Deliverance. This class is taught from the perspective of training for future facilitation as ministers while still walking through a personal journey of growth. 


Reconciliation Ministry approaches ministry from the perspective of freedom and healing coming through personal facilitated experience and encounters with the Lord. The teaching of tools and principles allows for a distinctly Spirit-led and minister-informed partnership. The class takes a deep dive into the scriptures and understanding the Kingdom of God verses the kingdom of darkness in order to equip the minister for a variety of ministry settings.

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Topics Covered

  • Understanding emotional pain and its impact

  • Forgiveness

  • Knowing God as Judge

  • Biblical justice

  • Generational iniquity and blessings

  • Bitterness

  • Inner vows

  • Soul ties

  • Altar ministry

  • The 16 strongholds identified in scripture

  • and more!

Class dates to be announced!

Want to grow in your understanding of inner healing concepts?

Check out our Inner Healing Teaching videos to learn more!

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