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Prophetic Anointing

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We equip the Body of Christ through facilitating personal ministry that adheres to the 1 Corinthians 14:3 standard of edification, exhortation, and consolation. We do this by a Spirit-led personalized approach that allows the recipient to personally encounter the Lord while under the safe oversight of trained facilitators and teachers.

Interested in receiving a prophetic word from our team?


You Are Worthy Ministries has assembled a team of trained prophetic individuals to receive from the Lord on behalf of the Body of Christ to offer encouragement, edification, and comfort. We offer the opportunity to receive a personal prophetic word via in written format or a live virtual platform. If you are interested in receiving encouragement from our team, you may select the button below to submit your information into the form provided and request ministry.


You Are Worthy Ministries makes no claim to present direction from a professional psychological or medical position, and You Are Worthy Ministries and the prophetic team can not be held responsible for the effects or lack thereof, which a recipient may or may not experience either in personal ministry or practices that come from prophetic ministry or teaching. You Are Worthy Ministries reserves the right to remove any individual from the Virtual Prophetic Schedule due to misconduct including rude or inappropriate behavior. All prophetic ministry is considered to be a part of the counsel of God but is not considered His complete counsel according to our understanding of 1 Corinthians 13:9-10. 

You Are Worthy Ministries does not charge a fee for receiving ministry. We do accept offerings to support the ongoing work and expenses necessary for the continuation of the work of the ministry. If you feel led to be a part of giving financially to You Are Worthy Ministries, go to our donation form.

Connect with us at Heart of the Father Prophetic Event to equip and grow in receiving the heart of the Father in practical ways!

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