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Prophetic Anointing

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We approach training in the Prophetic Anointing from a Biblical perspective with practical tools as a support. Offering a balance between scriptural understanding and practical exercises allows optimal growth in function in the gifts of the Spirit. Teaching can be accessed via online videos, training workshops, and classes that meet the needs of those who are new to functioning in the prophetic anointing to those who are mature in their ability to flow.

Do you desire to grow in functioning in the gifts of the Spirit identified in 1 Cor 12:7-10? Have you longed to know more abut how the Lord communicates and minister more effectively as a result? Using a practical activation learning model this time will challenge all those who are beginners to intermediate level to increase their function and flow with the Lord.

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Want to host a prophetic training workshop?

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Connect with us at Heart of the Father Prophetic Event to train and grow in receiving the heart of the Father in practical ways!

Want to grow in your understanding of prophetic anointing concepts?

Check out our Prophetic Anointing Teaching videos to learn more!

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