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Register for the Reconciliation Ministry: A Personal Journey Through Inner Healing and Deliverance

April 11th - July 11th online via Zoom

We are so excited you are considering to take our class! We look forward to connecting with you further as we learn and grow together in the concepts of inner healing and deliverance!

Things to Remember

Participation in the Reconciliation Ministry class requires good internet connection and a functioning web camera. These two things are essential as all of our classes our live via Zoom, with three classes that will be offered in-person as well as on Zoom (dates TBD).

We ask that participants make every effort to attend all 14 weeks. If a participant misses more than 3 live classes, they will need to have a conversation with the instructor. It may not be the best season for you to take this class if you miss beyond 3 class sessions.

We ask that you have a functioning web camera that is turned on during all class times due to the type of content we are reviewing.

After you have registered, we will be mailing you a printed class manual closer to the start date of the class. If you do not receive your manual prior to the start of class, please let your instructor know.

Please expect to spend 2-3 hours on homework each week. We offer help to anyone who is struggling with the homework independently. Please let the instructor know you are in need of assistance so a team member can reach out to help you.

Next Steps

Registration and initial payment submitted via the form below

Classroom access email

April 11th - class begins!

Every individual must complete the registration form below along with the minimum $50 initial deposit! This form provides shipping information for your class manual, as well as contact information for your instructor.

Upon completing registration, you will receive a confirmation email. On April 1st, you should receive an email with the course Zoom and online learning platform access information. In this email you will receive instructions how to navigate our learning platform. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our platform prior to class.

On April 1st, we will also ship your manual so that you will have it in time for our first class!

There will be a testimony video to watch before class begins, as well as a Hold Harmless Agreement for you to sign. Both of these will be accessible in our learning platform. We ask that you complete these BEFORE our first class.

We cannot wait to see you in class on Thursday, April 11th!

Amounts Due

Registration fee: $50

Individual: $300

Group of 5 or more: $100 deducted from each individual course total

**please note, if you are a member of a group of 5 or more, every individual must complete the registration form below to receive access information to our online platform.

Register Now!


We look forward to seeing you in class!

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